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Natural Pain Killers

Nothing ruins your day like that constant feeling of cramps, a headache or just simply feeling sore. Here are a few natural remedies that can help prevent and heal to let you get on with your day! Blueberries for Bladder Infection Cranberries are usually the go-to for bladder infections, but studies show that Blueberries also contain the same properties that inhibit the binding of bacteria to bladder tissue. When bacteria is able to attach to the lining of your bladder it allows it to thrive, but when it’s not able to do so, it simply gets flushed out of your body.  Tomato Juice for Leg Cramps Cramping in the muscles occurs due to a buildup of carbohydrates so the key component is eating food that contains potassium. Cramps occur when there is a deficiency of Potassium in your body or through the loss of potassium through exercise. Tomato Juice is key because of it’s potassium properties, but it is also water based which helps flush out waste products from muscle buildup. Ginger for Chronic Pain Ginger is known to contain a component …

Magical Pink Crystals

Only these beautiful mountains can create pink crystals known as the one and only Himalayan Salt. Salt is one of the most basic food seasoning used, but our modern refineries have chemically altered it’s composition turning it into a hazard for our body. Table salt is bleached and heated to extreme temperatures that destroys it’s essential mineral value. “The body must sacrifice a tremendous amount of energy and up to 23 times the cell water to neutralize the damaging effect” Our lakes and oceans have become intoxicated with mercury, PCBs and oil spills making even the alternative (sea salt) also a hazard. Pink salt is one of the few remaining forms of salt that has remained pure over time. The red, pink, and white hues are an indicator of it’s abundant trace minerals present along with energy-rich iron content. TABLE SALT VS. HIMALAYAN SALT Craving salty food means you’re low in the essential trace minerals so go ahead and add some pink Himalayan salt to your next dish – happy cooking! References

Natural Hay Fever Remedy: Mint Leaves

Spring is in the air and so are my allergies. I wouldn’t exactly call it my favourite time of the year; I mean who likes sneezing till your make up runs and you start contemplating if there’s physically any possible way to scratch your throat before you loose your mind. I started looking for natural ways to help get rid of these wonderful feelings and came across mint leafs as a remedy! How they work is mint has the ability to help block the release of histamines which causes that itchy feeling in our throat and nasal cavity. Sounds perfect for what I needed so I blended two bananas, a handful of mint leaves and made a smoothie! Here are some other great health benefits of mint leafs:  Helps sooth the stomach by reducing inflammation Strong aroma has ability to clear congestion (it’s why balms etc. are usually mint based) Natural stimulant – the smell alone gives your brain a boost to help fight depression and fatigue Anti-inflammatory Stimulates digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and consume …

Boost Endurance Levels with Chia Seeds

Get ready to swap your sport drinks for this banana chia seed pre-workout smoothie! They aren’t called “The Runners Seed” for no reason, but go ahead and find out for yourself how great they are. Have the smoothie about 30 minutes prior to your workout and you’re all set.