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  The warm summer breeze, oh how it gets to me The small winding road leads to distant memories The innocence of it all so wild and free Same dock, same view, same sun different you Change comes along in the most unexpected ways Constantly longing for it while wishing things stayed the same Time takes you further and further away, What once was, no longer remains unchanged A moment away in another place, another time Lost in a world that once made you feel alive Inaudible movie flashing before your eyes Glimpse of a smile as you go back in time Remembering, feeling, reminiscing The present a reminder the past no longer there Sound of the waves softly washing up shore Each tide descending back like memories come and go Rhythmic and gentle, comforting and hopeful They say you always go back to where it all began Same dock, same view, same sun Same you B.M

Delicious Vegan Cafe and Bakery

Who doesn’t love going out to a nice restaurant and indulging in some delicious food that always seems to taste better than anything you’ve tried making yourself!? Being vegan isn’t easy when you want to go out to the standard restaurants available since the only portion of the menu you can really look at is the salads which would be great if it didn’t taste like dry lettuce, a few tomato slices tossed on, and a chemically produced dressing that makes up about half your calorie intake for the day and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce… Tempting right? Vegan culture is slowly becoming more and more predominant as the word about the amazing lifestyle is slowly getting around. I searched around my area for some vegan friendly restaurants and came across this absolutely amazing cafe. Their menu is filled with nutritious raw and vegan food and you can literally smell the freshness of the food. I got their Super Salad which was spring mix and spinach, roasted beets, carrots, cucumber, sweet potato, avocado, mixed with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, sprinkled …


 Sometimes no matter how much you want answers all we can do is wait We wonder aimlessly Endless possibilities of the future with no clear direction in mind Time passes and moments fly by, forgetting to appreciate what we have The future will still be there, but the present soon becomes a distant door of the past no longer in reach Embrace the things you don’t understand and let them be They’ll eventually unfold when their answers are meant to be discovered Reasons will never be understood until we let go of the illusions we’ve created You don’t have to figure it all out so, for now, laugh at your mistakes Smile because you can and leave the wondering for another day Sometimes you just have to go without knowing where you are going B.M

  Like a blank canvas, our future unwritten, awaiting the start of what will one day be a work of art. The choices we make cannot be erased, only built upon as each decision leaves a permanent mark along the path. The paintbrush we desperately try to control, altering our destiny.  No direction, no knowledge of the outcome, but hoping that we create something flawless. Each an artist, envisioning our own unique masterpiece. Our creation inevitably on display for the world becomes susceptible to judgment and criticism. We strive for perfection only to realize that the imperfections create the most beautiful paintings. Staring at the world around, comparing our own canvas to another’s, forgetting that we all have a different pallet within our reach. Each riveting colour resembling every concealed emotion. Each jagged and straight line indicating the chosen paths we’ve taken. Every faint stoke, every definite movement all slowly bringing the imperfectly blurred vision from within us of our goals and dreams into the tangible reality of our passion. A masterpiece – like no …