The warm summer breeze, oh how it gets to me

The small winding road leads to distant memories
The innocence of it all so wild and free

Same dock, same view, same sun
different you

Change comes along in the most unexpected ways
Constantly longing for it while wishing things stayed the same

Time takes you further and further away,
What once was, no longer remains unchanged

A moment away in another place, another time
Lost in a world that once made you feel alive

Inaudible movie flashing before your eyes
Glimpse of a smile as you go back in time

Remembering, feeling, reminiscing
The present a reminder the past no longer there

Sound of the waves softly washing up shore
Each tide descending back like memories come and go
Rhythmic and gentle, comforting and hopeful

They say you always go back to where it all began
Same dock, same view, same sun
Same you

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