Natural Hay Fever Remedy: Mint Leaves

Spring is in the air and so are my allergies.

I wouldn’t exactly call it my favourite time of the year; I mean who likes sneezing till your make up runs and you start contemplating if there’s physically any possible way to scratch your throat before you loose your mind.

I started looking for natural ways to help get rid of these wonderful feelings and came across mint leafs as a remedy! How they work is mint has the ability to help block the release of histamines which causes that itchy feeling in our throat and nasal cavity. Sounds perfect for what I needed so I blended two bananas, a handful of mint leaves and made a smoothie!

Here are some other great health benefits of mint leafs:

  1.  Helps sooth the stomach by reducing inflammation
  2. Strong aroma has ability to clear congestion (it’s why balms etc. are usually mint based)
  3. Natural stimulant – the smell alone gives your brain a boost to help fight depression and fatigue
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Stimulates digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and consume fat to turn into energy
  6. Inhibits bacteria growth inside the mouth

Enjoy xo!