Let the Springtime Running Begin!

The grass might still be yellow, but SUMMER is around the corner!!! Went for my first run outside since fall and it’s safe to say this view certainly doesn’t compare to the wall in front of my treadmill that I’ve been staring at all winter. My legs are definitely going to feel the difference tomorrow, but no pain no gain right!

Here are some tips on making the transition from the treadmill to the outdoors:

  • Ease into it. Your body needs time to accommodate to the different terrain
  • There wasn’t any wind or a blazing sun while you ran on the treadmill so don’t expect to be flying down the street just yet
  • Take it slower on the hills, the strain on your quads and knees is higher outside

You’ve got all summer to run for miles, take it day by day and have fun!
Hope you’ve all been enjoying this gorgeous weather

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