I’m Bianca, a girl who believes in three simple things; creating your own happiness, if you don’t try you’ll never know and the little things are what makes life meaningful. Running aimlessly is my therapy, fruit and smoothie fanatic, writing in hopes of unraveling life’s unpredictable moments, and my guilty pleasure will always be a good book along with an even better glass of wine.

My philosophy on choosing a lifestyle to live by is simple- If it makes you feel satisfied, healthy and happy then you’ve found it!

My happiness begins with my health and what I eat. At some point over the years the meaning associated with “food” slowly developed into the middle aisles of the grocery store which are composed of a nice long list of chemicals that you probably can’t pronounce. Monosodium glutamate, aspartame and some sucrose for dinner anyone?

Health problems don’t develop over night, but they do begin with what you feed your body. Living in a world of ignorance doesn’t dismiss the reality that consuming highly processed, chemically-labeled food has created an epidemic health crisis. I began this site for that particular purpose. My own way of addressing and bringing awareness to this current nation wide issue. The less information we are provided with means less questions asked so we inevitably believe what we are told. Money makes the world go round and ultimately the food industry is in it for that reason not for our health benefits.

This lead to my decision to adapt  a whole food plant-based diet because it makes me feel best; it’s what works for me. The emphasis on vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit, with little or no animal products. It’s the simplest way for me to eat as closely as I can to natural, chemical, preservative and hormone free food. My passion for health began by learning about the difference between real food versus chemically processed “food” and the effect that they have on our body. I am very passionate about eating natural, eating ethically, and eating whole food that comes from the earth.

I eat for my health… The nutrition found within whole food that provides our bodies with the necessary building blocks for us to thrive is incredible. I purchase only organic, hormone free lean meat when I do choose to eat some, but I mostly stick to salmon or tilapia. Super foods and freshly juiced juices are also incorporated into my daily meals.

Life isn’t about depriving yourself or sticking to strict rules.
Listen to your body and you’ll find out what works best for you.


will contain information on nutrition, worldwide public health news, vegan and non vegan food recipes that I create for healthier cooking ideas, and my personal rambling thoughts.

The power to change lies within us. Don’t limit yourself to the boundaries, they’re meant to be broken. I’m constantly learning and this is the beginning of a lifelong journey, one day hoping to turn my passion for health and nutrition into a career. My dreams for the future are endless, but big dreams begin with taking small steps.

“A defining moment of clarity is often overlooked by the chaos we call life” 
Be your own inspiration xo


Live for the moments that make you smile for they slip through the cracks of time
Fight for what you want, no one else will
We stumble, fail, and succeed, each event purposely paving the path for the future
Hold onto your memories, they’re all you have left through life’s unavoidable changes
Everything happens for a reason even if we don’t understand it momentarily
Eventually things work out the way they’re meant to
We often realize too late what we failed to appreciate
Regrets settle in only to wish we could undo the past
Forgive what you can’t change
Your happiness depends on you alone
If it scares you pursue it, you never know till you try
Living with the  what if’s  never gets easier
Timing is everything
Believe in yourself;
Your future lies within
– Bianca